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Directorate of Legal Education, Pakistan Bar Council

About Us

About DLE

On the direction of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Ministry of Law and Justice and the Pakistan Bar Council desired to cooperate on the establishment of a Directorate of Legal Education. The said directorate has been established and is fully functional now. The said Directorate is supposed to operate in the following domains:

i. Improvement of the standard and quality of legal education;

ii. Promotion of legal education;

iii. Continued Legal Education;

iv. Monitoring and regulating different aspects of legal education and professional standards for entry into the legal profession;

teachers’ training;

v. Legal research;

vi. Inspection of law colleges/universities imparting legal education;

vii. Advanced specialized professional courses; and

viii. Moot Court competitions at National and international levels;

ix. Matters concerning legal education.

Our Mission

The mission of the Directorate of Legal Education is to kick-start the next level of evolution in legal education in Pakistan. The establishment of this Directorate will bring about a paradigm shift in the teaching of, and research in law throughout Pakistan.

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